The Art Of Chi

Now, what is Chi? We see it written on billboards, hear about it in movies and see it when we go to our favorite health food shop. But what is chi, or as the Chinese say, Qi? Is it some mysterious force that you can harness only by using a magic wand bought at Diagon Ally?  There is no simple answer to what chi really is. Being a Qi Gong master (ah great, more funny words), I feel I have a close relationship with chi.

Chi might be translated as “Lifeforce”. This lifeforce spreads throughout every living being, giving life. It may be described as a electromagnetic field, where every living being generate an electromagnetic field. Every living being generate an electromagnetic field, where the heart has (by far) the highest electromagnetic field, radiating up to 4 meters from the body. One funny research conducted by  shows that the electromagnetic waves of the brain (EEG) are being influenced and altered when coming in the electromagnetic field of the heart of another person.

Resent research have enabled us to being able to take pictures of these electromagnetic fields. Kirlian photography lets us see the radiation of electromagnetism that is emitted from a living object. What is interesting is that the sphere is much larger around a fresh vegetable than a decomposed one, and larger around a raw vegetable than a boiled/fried one. One interpretation for this is that we may get more energy, hence chi, by consuming more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

I believe we are just at the brink of understanding more of all the powers we are surrounded with.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
– Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio



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  1. Doctor Jonathan

    Sometimes people have difficulty conceptually understanding Chi. Your article provides greater objectivity by using photographic evidence to “measure” chi. This will help readers accept the concept more easily.

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