Develop Good Habits – The One Thing That Keeps You Away From Success

What is holding you back from reaching success in your life? I dare say your habits are what is holding you back. Therefore, to get true success in your life it is essential to develop good habits.

We often do what is safe. After all, this is what has kept us alive all these thousands of years. The people who have been most daring, are the ones being at risk of dying an early death. We have therefore learned habits and patterns that keep us safe, because this will ultimately keep us alive.

I dare say that these natural instincts are also what is holding us back from reaching our fullest potential. By always doing what is safe we risk not living our true life. As the saying goes; stop staring at mountains, climb them instead. Yes, it is a harder process, but it will lead you to a better view.

Think about your own habits. What is holding you back? What do you think you are addicted to, that can’t you live without, but deep within realize that you want to cut out for a while? Write down a list of everything that comes to mind. Maybe you are fed up with the amount of TV being watched. Or your alcohol or nicotine consumption. Or maybe you have a habit of going to bed too late, waking up less refreshed than you ought to be. Maybe it is something you are putting off, that you never seem to get around to doing. Now is the chance to pick out what it is.  pexels-photo-220210

And now, I want to challenge you. Look again at your list. Pick out one of the items you wrote down. Now give yourself a whole month where you stay away from (or include it) this very habit. Voila! That is it!

During this month see how you feel. Do you notice withdrawal symptoms? Do you notice that you shift your focus? By the end of the month, take note as how you have felt about that month. Has something changed with your personality?

Then go back to your list. Maybe you want to subtract and add something to the list. Then pick out the next item on the list, and work on this for the next month.

The purpose of this exercise is to learn about yourself, your habits, what is holding you back, and how easy it is to push past that if you have a single focus for a whole month. I say a month, because it is long enough to truly have an impact in your daily activities.

Be gentle with yourself. Understand that it takes time for big change. Even the longest march start with just one step, and even the highest building starts with one brick. Have patience, and eventually you will be able to mold the person you have dreamt to be.pexels-photo-636243

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