About me

Hi, my name is Henrik Mathiesen, and I come from Norway. I completed my medical studies at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2006. After becoming a doctor ten years ago, I came across the path of functional medicine, a practice where the primary focus is to find the root causes of disease and ailments, and thereby establish natural therapies from a more holistic perspective.

Commonly this approach is used for chronically ill patients, where this enables a superior understanding of how the various ailments have emerged. Even so, I believe that this approach is even more effective if we not only focus on how to cure and prevent diseases, but also on how to prevent ailments from occuring, by making healthy choices early on, and thereby live the best version of ourselves.

I have mostly worked at Balderklinikken, the largest clinic in the world specializing in functional medicine, while doing specialized courses at Institute for Functional Medicine in the US.  I also have had the opportunity to help start up another functional medicine clinic, and have worked as a health consultant. My journey towards discovering various health therapies have led me to complete many additional courses. I have studied acupuncture in the jungles of Sri Lanka, and learnt how to use herbal remedies from teachers in traditional Chinese medicine. From an early age I started to look into the ancient Chinese practice of Chi Gong, which eventually honored me the degree of Master of Qi Gong.

At the current stage I feel I have gained a good understanding of the core values in functional medicine therapies, and how to use this information in order to thrive.  With this homepage I wish to encourage people to engage in healthier choices early on. This will hopefully lead to an even greater understanding of how to promote behavior that will have a positive impact on one’s health – from diet and exercise, to finding a work-life balance, and much, much more. I hope you will join me for the ride.