As a doctor, learning is a crucial aspect to my daily work, and I try to read as much as possible.

Below is a list of links and other articles that I would recommend checking out. This is a list that is constantly evolving and being updated. Happy reading!


Vitamin D and cancer Raises some thoughts about the importance of vitamin D in relation to cancer

Sleep and the Circadian Rhythm. Important insight into the importance of good sleep and energy.

Lemon water in the morning. A good list of reasons why it is good to start the day with lemon water.

Fasting and Stem Cells. Research has shown that you can boost the life enhancing stem cells by fasting.

Empathy is Though to Teach, Dr. Brené Brown talks about the importance of empathy. A good Norwegian article, speaking about stomach acid



Human, a compelling movie where we are confronted with humans all over the world, and their various destinies.

Jim Carey explains life and what drives our motivations


For physical wellbeing:

For Mental wellbeing

Other interesting books on evolution, and us in the bigger picture:

book read