10 Secrets To A Healthy Mind

Here are a few tips on how to generally have a healthier and more positive mind:

  1. Healthy gut = Healthy mind. Having a healthy gut increases the likelihood of having a healthy mind. This becomes clearer when we see that about 90 percent of the serotonin in the body is created in the intestines. Recent research has focused on the gut flora, and how this can affect the mind, but we are just at the brink of understanding how this works.
  2. Breathe! In our day and age we tend to surround ourselves with a lot of stimuli and keep ourselves very busy.. Too much of these stimuli can make us feel wary and overstressed. I therefore believe that it is important to balance this activity with stimulating the calming part of our nervous system. In technical terms this is to balance the sympathetic (activating) and the parasympathetic (calming) nervous system. Even though it’s good to have some stimulation to the activating nervous system, too much and chronic stimuli may cause significant stress. This can lead to a range of both mental and physical ailments, including anxiety, depression, fatigue and so on. A good preventative measure is to focus on the parasympathetic nervous system and keep this calming part of the nervous system in good shape. To achieve a better stimuli to the parasympathetic nervous system you should consider breathing exercises, meditation, or the practices of qi gong, tai chi, and yoga. Even getting a good nights sleep is very good to give a proper boost to the calming nervous system.Man nature
  3. Exercise consistently. Researchers at Duke University discovered that regular exercise is better that anti-depressants in treating anxiety and depression, and in fact, people who worked out encountered fewer relapses. It is speculated that one reason for this is that during exercise we see a controlled increase in the stress hormone cortisol, and enable the body to release locked up stress in the body. This will leave the body and mind more relaxed after a good workout.
  4. Be more social. A study at Harvard University showed that being more isolated increased the risk of depression, and consequently shrinkage of parts of the brain, primarily the hippocampus. Being more social further showed an increase in neuronal enrichment, and therefore increased the capacity for learning new things.play
  5. Eat less junk. Even though eating simple sugars have shown to increase insulin, and consequently serotonin, ingestion of refined sugar have shown an addictive behavior in the consumer (rodent study showed that they preferred sucrose water to cocaine), leading to higher intake of sugar and sweeteners. Bear in mind, alcohol is also considered a sugar, and can also have a detrimental effect on ones mind, if used excessively. An increase in the intake of simple sugars and refined starches leads to a range of negative effects on the body, primarily by leading to higher amount of inflammation. In the brain there may be an increased neurological inflammation, due to a buildup of free radicals (waste particles). There is now evidence that this can be linked with neurological conditions such as Alzheimers Disease, a debilitating disease where Amyloid plaques build up in the brain, leading to the number one reason for dementiafood clean
  6. Be positive. According to the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, being and thinking positive will have positive effects on ones surroundings. He discovered this though extensive research on how our water reacts to various words, by creating specific crystals for that particular word/emotion. I find the most interesting of his studies is the discovery that if you place two identical bowls of rice next to each other, and on one bowl have the word “Love” on it, and the other have “Hate” written on it, you will see something interesting after a few days. The bowl of rice with the word “Love” stays the same, but the bowl of rice with the word “Hate” will start to rot. I think this just sighifies how important it is to keep a positive attitude, as it affects both yourself and the ones you surround yourself with.
  7. Be kinder to yourself. By being kinder to yourself and allowing room for error you will generally be happier. We have a tendency to judge ourselves with negative criticism. By giving yourself a slack, and not be so hard on yourself, this will have a can good effect on your own happiness.girls-1487825_1920
  8. The healing sounds. Listening to music can have a profound and direct effect on your mind. Listening to that tune you just love, can make your endorphins going through the roof. Even just listening to nature sounds have a soothing effect on your mind.
  9. Get rid of the excess clutter. I believe that to have less clutter surrounding you will have a lightening effect on your mind. Marie Kondo has written a very good book on how to clear your environment of clutter, called “The Life-changing magic of tidying up”.
  10. Happiness. Even seeing images of happy people is in it self enough to lift your spirit. Also, to regularly laugh and smile is very good for your mental health.

The Art Of Peace – Clear The Shackles Constricting Us From Our True Potential

I am currently sitting in my cabin contemplating life. Wow, such a heavy topic, you may be thinking. Well, as a doctor I am confronted with this reality every day.

Why are we here? What is the purpose of all of this? Is this just a playground where one can do as they please, or should one follow certain rules, and follow the norms of society?

Across the globe we are separated by our ethnicity, race and religion, even though we are truly almost similar when looking strictly at our physiology and genetics. We are being influenced and taught how to coexist in the society we grow up through norms and rules, and our justice system make sure that we follow these. But how do we know how to live and coexist in harmony with our surroundings, when so much despair and injustice is going on in the world?

In my clinic I aim to unleash each patients’ true potential. Some individuals are confronted with a grim reality where they feel stuck, and virtually unable to come out of this situation. The reasons may be that they feel weighed down by financial, marital or work issues. If then someone from the outside, such as a physician, who truly take time to listen to their story, may be able to come up with alternate solutions to their problems. Interestingly enough, I often find that when figuring out how to boost the patients’ energy, such as by correcting their nutritional status or general physiology, they often are more capable of dealing with, and resolving their inner conflicts. I think the main aspects here is to truly listen when speaking with someone, so that they feel heard. To speak out to someone else and try to formulate what’s in their heart can be very liberating for many. It often touches my heart, when I hear them say “Thank you for truly listening to me”

I think we can learn a lot from the Chinese traditional medicine, and the role the doctors played in their community. Commonly, the doctors were payed, not when the people got sick, but when he managed to keep them healthy. This meant that he had to make sure that the people in the community stayed healthy and thriving. Therefore, one important aspect in doing so, was that the doctor would make home visits to the inhabitants. Aspects such as hygiene, cleanliness, nutrition and general wellbeing was usually addressed. The people were also taught how to take care of their own health, and how to use herbal remedies for their benefit.

In the early 20th Century a Zen Buddhist called Morihei Ueshiba created what he called Aikido. This directly translates as “The Art of Peace”. Morihei is one of my heroes, as he truly shows how to divert someone’s attack, and using that force on themselves.

I think we can all strive to be the best version of ourselves. One good approach to start off with is to have an “inner smile”. Instead of just smiling with your lips and eyes, truly feel that you are smiling with your whole being. This is a good way to become happier and more content. Remember that we always have to start with ourselves, before being able to affect others in a positive way. When we are in a good state with ourselves, influencing others will be easier.

We need peace to calm our mental chattering, commonly called “Monkey Mind”. This is of greater importance in our age, where we are surrounded by endless distractions. To turn on “flight mode” on certain occasions, only check your e-mail and messages at given times and turn of the constant notifications from your mobile I think is a good way to start. Finding a place of peace and calm I think is essential for our mental, and consequently physical health. Also, have the bedroom as our sacred place where we rejuvenate. Important here for a good nights’ rest is that the room gets dark, cold and quiet enough for us to sleep soundly.

Great thinkers and writers of our time such as Ernest Hemingway and James Joyce were wanderers. They used to walk for long stretches, mostly because they felt their mind clear, and therefore easier to get inspiration. As is often being illustrated in ancient Chinese texts, a cup that is full can not be filled anymore. You must empty the cup to be able to fill it more. The same applies with your mind. To more easily be inspired and learn new things you have to clear your erratic mind first.

Being out in nature and listening to sounds like a trickling stream or birds chirping/singing calms the mind. Somehow this is ingrained in our biology, and is subconsciously being interpreted as “being out of danger”.

Meditation, directly translated as “Being Still”. This does not mean that one has to sit still. Being mindful of all one’s actions, and being more present in the moment is also a form of meditation. The image of being in the center of a tornado, where the storm is whooshing around you, but still being still, that is true meditation.

Prayers are a good way to aid someone in difficult times. For example, many doctors in the university hospital in Tromsø used to pray with their patients, to ease their pain and suffering. The power of prayers is something not truly understood, but nonetheless, have a great healing effect.

I feel that one topic is often overlooked when addressing someone’s wellbeing, and that is sexual freedom. Sex is so bound to a lot of taboo, and we are supposed not to even talk about it. Even in my clinic my patients would struggle to talk about their issues concerning this. What is important to understand is that sex is some of the most natural things in our existence. We wouldn’t have been here if it hadn’t been for sex. Therefore, rejoice and enjoy this part of human life.

Now, why are we here? I believe we are here to reinvent ourselves over and over, until we gradually become the better person. By this I mean free of the shackles of how we are supposed to be, and rather strive to reach our true potential. We have so much potential, which is just waiting for us to seize.

Then why are so many people suffering in the world, starving from famine, or scared for their life due to wars? It is now easy to follow life across the globe through media coverage. Quite often the focus is how bad things are going. People may indeed be wired up due to all the devastating occurrences in the world. This is not a healthy way to approach this. Remember, first be in a good state with yourself, before you can influence others in a positive way. There are no easy ways to heal the world of destruction. I think sending silent prayers to people who are suffering and envisioning ways to make their life better is a good way to start. Instead of focusing on the destructive powers, rather focus on the opportunities and potentials. Even small acts in your own community can cause ripple effects down the line.