How to Thrive

Hi there! My name is Henrik Mathiesen. Happy that you visit my site. I have established this site for the purpose of spreading some important concepts on health, and consequently empowering people to make better choices in life, so that they might indeed – Thrive.

First a bit about myself. I have been working as a functional medicine doctor for nearly a decade now. What is functional medicine you say?  Well, in later posts I will cover this in more detail, but let me start by saying that functional medicine consider every aspect of a patients functionality, both physically, emotionally and spiritually, hence functional medicine.

Commonly this approach is used for chronically ill patients, where this enables a superior understanding of how the various ailments have emerged. Even so, it is my view that it will be even more effective if we focus on how to not only cure and prevent diseases, but also how to live the best version of ourselves.

I will dedicate time and effort to try to cover many topics in health which I find to be unclear for the general public. These are exciting times we live in, and I hope that you will follow me along the ride.

Finding your true potential by learning more about health, lifestyle, food and life